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The Importance of High Quality Photos for Creating Effective Real Estate Ads

There are a number of aspects that must be considered when creating an effective property advertisement, one of which is applying quality images or photos.

Photos are the first object that potential buyers will see when looking for property listings.

Therefore, its existence is one of the determining factors for potential buyers to buy the property or not.

If the displayed image creates a good impression on potential buyers, it is not impossible that the property will sell faster.

Therefore, giving more effort to make quality photos is important for property agents or individuals who want to market their listings.

As a guide for you, in this article we will provide a number of ways to make quality photos for property advertisements. Here's the review.

How to Make Quality Photos for Property Ads

Choose a Qualified Device

There are many well-known cellphone brands with qualified camera specifications to produce photos with good image quality. However, for maximum results, you should use a more capable device such as a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) or mirrorless camera.

The image quality produced from a DSLR or mirrorless camera will certainly be better than a cellphone camera. In addition, using a DSLR or mirrorless type camera allows you to be able to take the appropriate shooting angle.

Given that the two types of cameras can be paired with various types of lenses, ranging from fixed, tele, to wide or wide. Especially for taking photos of buildings or interior designs, you should use a wide lens with a size of 24-70 mm.

Apart from the camera, you also need a tripod to avoid the shaking effect which has the potential to make the image blurry.

Adjusting Lighting

Using a DSLR or mirrorless camera also allows you to set the right lighting. This is because both types of cameras have complete settings to capture objects with the appropriate lighting. So, to get the best lighting when photographing the interior, shooting can be done in the morning or evening.

Don't forget to open all the doors and windows of the house, so that every corner of the room can be illuminated by the sun. Also turn on all the lights in the house to add lighting. If the available light is not enough to produce qualified lighting, you can use an external flash.

Determining the Right Angle

The shooting angle or angle is one of the important aspects in producing quality images. In producing photos with the aim of property marketing, you should take pictures in a landscape or wide position, so that the details of the entire object can be seen.

In addition, take a number of photos from one room with different angles, from the front, side, to the back.

Hire Professional Photographer Services

If you find it difficult to practice the three methods above, then you can use the easiest method, namely hiring a professional photographer. A professional photographer must have a qualified device.

In addition, they are also more skilled in determining composition, color and lighting to make photos more attractive. Hiring a professional photographer might make you have to set up a fee to pay for his services.

However, think about the positive impact that can be obtained through photos produced by professional photographers. Isn't that an opportunity to make your property advertisement more attractive to potential buyers, which of course will have an impact on sales.

Tips for Installing Photos for Property Ads

After you get quality photos, now is the time to put photos on property advertisements. However, there are techniques for placing photos for property advertisements that are good and right, here are some of them.

Focus On Property Objects

Image processing or editing is a common thing to do to beautify photos. However, image processing should be done in moderation.

This means not changing the shape of the object, for example changing the color of the house paint from white to pink.

Besides focusing on property objects, don't add graphics such as a contact number description or a short description of the property.

Avoid Photo Collages

Avoid using collage or stacked photos, it's better to display the image as a whole. In addition, also attach several photos from different angles from one room. After all, potential buyers want to see details of the condition of the property that you are marketing.