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Requirements and management of the latest household registration transfer letter

When you want to move your domicile, a transfer letter is one of the important documents that you must have for administrative purposes.

A domicile change letter is also useful for adjusting a new home address.

You can apply for a transfer letter by visiting the Office of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) or online.

In this article, we will explain how to apply for a domicile change document complete with the conditions.

Therefore, see the full information below.

Requirements for Managing Transfer Letters

Before applying for a transfer letter, there are several documents that are required to be fulfilled.

The conditions described below are included in the requirements for processing online transfer documents.

Please note, the requirement for a letter of introduction from the local RT or RW to move residence is no longer allowed.

This is regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 96 of 2018 and Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 108 of 2019.

This regulation was made to make it easier for the public to manage population administration services.

The conditions that must be prepared to apply for a transfer letter include:

  • Photocopy of KTP and Family Card (KK)
  • Marriage Certificate or Marriage Book (if divorced, bring a divorce certificate)
  • 3 pieces of photo size 3×4
  • Transfer Certificate (SKP) for the issuance of a transfer letter
  • Transmigrant candidate selection card and departure notification letter for issuing a certificate of transfer due to transmigration.

Keep in mind, SKP made can only be used within a certain period of time according to applicable regulations.

While the original KTP and KK will be withdrawn in the destination area along with the issuance of a replacement KTP and KK according to the new domicile.

How to Manage Moving Letters

Prepare Requirements Files

Before applying for a transfer letter to Disdukcapil, prepare all the required documents in full.

Don't let any documents get lost or not listed in the file, because later it will be a hassle for administrative matters.

Just in case, it's best to make several copies of the requirements needed before applying for a transfer letter.

Bring a Cover Letter to Disdukcapil

In how to arrange a transfer letter, you need to prepare an Cover Letter document which is addressed to Disdukcapil.

The Cover Letter contains a transfer application form provided by the Kelurahan office, which will be forwarded to the Kecamatan and Kelurahan parties.

After that, you go to the Disdukcapil office and later issue an SKP.

Managing Transfer Letters at a New Address

After Disdukcapil issues the SKP, then the process of obtaining a certificate moves to a new address.

You need to go to the Kelurahan office with all the required documents, as well as the nearest neighbor's permit from the house.

Issuance of New Electronic KTP and KK

After all the steps above have been carried out, the next step is the issuance of a new electronic KTP and KK by Disdukcapil.

The old electronic KTP and KK will be replaced and adapted to the new domicile.

How to Manage Transfer Letters Online

You can take advantage of taking care of moving documents online if you don't have time offline.

The requirements needed are quite the same as how to arrange a transfer letter as usual.

First of all, you need to scan all required documents in JPG/JPEG or PDF format first.

After that, open the official district or city Disdukcapil website and register for the queue online.

Prepare an active mobile number and email to register.

If the entire process is complete, you also have to wait for verification from the Disdukcapil officer.

Then after the verification is complete, Disdukcapil will issue a new SKP and Family Card sheet in PDF format.

That's how to take care of a transfer letter that can be information for you.