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Principles of the Scandinavian House Model

Scandinavian house is a simple residential style taken from building models in Northern European or Scandinavian countries. The concept of the building tends to be more minimalist and uses basic colors such as white, brown, green, and the like.

Scandinavian homes are also not too concerned with the completeness of the furniture in it. This type of housing actually limits the number of items in the house, because most types of Scandinavian-style housing are not too large. To find out more about tips on designing Scandinavian homes, let's look at the following reviews!

What Is a Scandinavian House?

In the beginning, in the 1950s, a Scandinavian-style residential design trend emerged. Prior to that year, houses in the Scandinavian region were only made of wood and ropes plus minimal furniture.

This is because European culture is very concerned about functionality related to designing a building. But over time, Scandinavian homes have been built using more sturdy and modern materials such as glass and steel.

The main thing that reflects Scandinavian home design is minimalism with a dominance of neutral colors and rooms tend to look wider because of limited furniture. Also, a natural lighting system that utilizes sunlight.

This Scandinavian home model is designed to reflect the simple life and showcases the views of interior designers from Norway who are inspired by the outdoors.

Principles of the Scandinavian House Model

The principle of the Scandinavian style house model is to further develop aesthetics and make it easier for residential owners to live their daily lives.

In order to fulfill this principle, Scandinavian interior designers only include home furnishings as needed. This means you probably won't find a piece of furniture that doesn't really matter.

Characteristics of a Scandinavian Style House

To be able to recognize a Scandinavian style house is not difficult. Here are 7 characteristics that really describe the shape, appearance, and interior of the Scandinavian-style house concept, including:

House Buildings Using Neutral Colors

Both the interior and the facade of a Scandinavian house, the most common characteristic is the use of neutral colors. Usually, the white color dominates in Scandinavian-style residential designs and is then combined with bright and light colors such as light green, light blue, and other neutral colors.

Scandinavian Typical Home Interior

The hallmark of the next Scandinavian-style house is the interior of the house which is thick with Northern European nuances. For example carpets, curtains, to tablecloths that seem warm and simple because the Scandinavian concept rarely uses flashy colors or home accessories.

Apply a Rustic Accent

The use of wood furniture with a rustic concept is one of the common components that can be combined in Scandinavian-style homes. Not only that, this rustic accent is also friendly for parents and children.

There Are Natural Decorations As Interior Decoration

As previously mentioned, a Scandinavian style house has a simple interior design. So that the addition of home decorations usually uses natural decorations such as indoor plant pots, wooden decorations, and so on. Even though it looks natural, the decoration actually has its own aesthetic value.

Windows Tend to Be Larger

Almost all Scandinavian homes use direct sunlight as a source of lighting for their homes. So do not be surprised if this residential model tends to use larger windows in the room, so that sunlight can enter to the fullest.

Using Wood Material

The building materials used in Scandinavian house interiors and facades mostly use wood materials. The wood element is usually applied to doors, floors, ceilings, and furniture.

The reason for using wood elements is so that the feel of the house always looks warm. The color of light brown or white wood is generally an option in the use of this wood material.

Use of Simple Furniture

Scandinavian-style housing tends to seem simple but elegant. So that the use of furniture in the interior and exterior of the room looks more simple and only functions as it should. As in the use of sofas, tables, dining tables, and so on.

Tips for Making Scandinavian Home Designs in Indonesia

Prepare the Land to Be Used as a Yard

The first tips in designing Scandinavian-style housing are natural elements that are obvious, such as green open spaces or parks. You don't need a big garden, just a few square meters in front or back of the house, the important thing is that you can see it from the inside.

Coated Floor

Usually, a house with a Scandinavian concept has floors that have been covered with wood elements and is equipped with minimalist carpets in several rooms to create a warmer and more aesthetic feel.

Use Neutral Colors

Use neutral color choices as interior and exterior colors for the house, such as white, light gray, light brown, and others. Also make sure to avoid using too many types of colors, so that it seems simpler but elegant.

Limit the Number of Furniture

The final tip for designing a Scandinavian home is to use the amount of furniture wisely. Use each piece of furniture according to its respective function. However, that doesn't mean that this forbids you from buying lots of furniture.

You can also add decorations such as paintings, flower pots, statues, and others that look simple.