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Home Patio, a Multifunctional Area that Makes the Yard More Attractive

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Have you ever heard of the term patio? According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, a patio is an open porch behind the house or an open garden in the house.

You can build a patio at home if you want to have an open space to relax, or just to beautify the appearance of the yard.

Open courtyards not only add aesthetic value but are also multifunctional, because many homes in Europe and America use patios as outdoor dining areas.

The difference between a house patio and a terrace is that there is no need for a wall surrounding the area.

Like one with the ground, the patio is like an open area that is oriented to the landscape.

Interested in applying it to occupancy? Consider first the things that need to be considered in making the following house patio.

Things to Look For When Making a Home Patio

Determine the Function of the Patio

Before going straight into the field to build a patio for a house, you should first determine what the function of the area is.

Determining the function makes it easier to design a patio, for example in terms of cost, how large the desired area is, the materials needed, and other technical matters.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space

In contrast to the usual house terraces, patios are usually wider so that a large enough space is needed.

You can make a patio that is separate from the main house or one with residential buildings like a terrace.

Unforeseen expenses

You also have to consider additional unforeseen costs, considering that many people are not used to building patios.

So there's nothing wrong with preparing excess funds, so it doesn't hinder the process of making a patio.

Promoted Design

In order for the appearance to be maximized, the design is an important thing that must be considered.

You can choose a simple, minimalist, to rustic patio style according to your taste and home concept.

Determining the design will also simplify the material selection process.

Choose the Right Material

Patio houses can use a variety of materials, namely wood, stone, red brick, concrete, to pavers.

When choosing a material, you must consider durability, care, and compatibility with the concept being carried.

Because if you choose the wrong one, there is a possibility that the patio will be vulnerable to cracking and even breaking.

Remember, Indonesia's climate tends to be hot and humid. High rainfall is also a consideration in choosing the right material.