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Guide to Becoming a Successful Property Agent

Property agents are one of the professions that are still in great demand by the public. But to become a successful property agent, it is certainly not a simple thing.

There are many things and also challenges that must be faced to be able to achieve sales targets.

As a guide for those who want to pursue this career, here is our interview with Rumah123 General Manager of Agent Sales, Eki Yusuf on how to become a successful property agent.

How to Become a Successful Property Agent

Are there any special requirements to become a property agent?

Requirements to Become a Property Agent

The property agent is actually a side profession and there are no special requirements to become a property agent. The average property agent in the agency office alone has freelance status.

In fact, property agents in Indonesia are almost 60% housewives, who want to find additional income.

The rest are indeed many office workers or from other professions, who are also property agents.

What is the difference between a property agent, salesperson, and broker?

It's actually the same. Sales is a term for those who are in one division and are assigned to sell. While broker, it is actually a mention for traditional property agents.

Usually brokers do not have agency offices, so the status is independent. As for agents, their status is more professional, because they are facilitated by the presence of offices to training.

What are the capitals needed to become a successful property agent?

Being a successful property agent does require capital; First, they must be able to speak publicly.

The reason is, they must be able to speak well and correctly to all potential buyers, both from the lower, middle, and upper classes.

That is, this public speaking ability also determines a person's success as an agent.

Secondly, it is certain how the marketing strategy is. In a sense, the way they advertise a product to achieve sales targets.

The more often you market your product, the greater the chances of meeting sales targets.

Furthermore, copywriting, it is not a problem to apply unique copywriting.

For example, I used to have an agent in Bekasi who always wrote advertising titles with rhymes, for example "beautiful house price kripik".

When asked why they use pantun, they said that Bekasi is a lot of Betawi people, where pantun is one of the cultures.

So, the selection of "copy" is based on the culture inherent in the area. In my opinion, that's a good thing because it can be a unique selling point.

Tips and tips for successfully becoming a property agent?

The tips must certainly be able to master the basics as mentioned above, ranging from public speaking to copywriting.

Then the technicalities of the marketing strategy, for example, taking good photos and writing the right title.

Well, beyond that we should have a lot of listing references. Because if we have a lot of listing references, potential buyers will have more options.

Another thing that is no less important is, to establish trust with others.

If mr. Charles Bonar Sirait (Founder of CBS School of Communications) at Agent Academy says, it makes others believe it is the most difficult phase for property agents.

Hence, it takes the abilities that have been mentioned. When those knowledge can be absorbed properly, it will be easier for them to carry out their work.

What is the commission of a property agent?

The commission ranges from 2-3% of the total property price. So for example, the agent managed to sell a house that costs IDR 1 billion, the commission earned can be up to IDR 30 million

That is for the commission obtained from the sale, if the rent count is different again.

The commission of a property agent from rent can reach 5% with an annual calculation. For example, in 1 year of IDR 100 million, 5% of IDR 100 million is only calculated.

What are the career prospects of a property agent?

The tendency is that after becoming an agent, they will open their own agent office. Or if he wants to go deeper, he might be a developer.

The potential is also good if they want to become developers, because they usually already know what kind of project (property) the community is interested in.

Then, which areas are the most potential and favored by the market.