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Good Bedroom Positions For Better Sleep

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 A good bedroom is not only attractive in terms of appearance, the function of the room must also be optimal. This room functions as a place to rest, so it is certain that the bedroom must be arranged as comfortable as possible. It turns out that it's not only the interior arrangement that can affect comfort, the location of the bedroom must also be in the right position. A good bedroom position allows the occupants to rest optimally, so that their health is increasingly maintained. So, what is a good bedroom position like? Here's the full explanation.

Bedroom Close to Sunlight

One of the characteristics of a healthy home is that natural lighting can enter optimally. Likewise in the bedroom, if sunlight can enter the room then the impression of light and air can be felt. Not only that, the bedroom will also not be damp easily. So that bacteria and fungi can not grow easily.

Therefore, position the bedroom close to the sun, for example facing east or west. A room flooded with sunlight also looks more aesthetically pleasing. Housing that offers bedrooms with optimal natural lighting is Springhill Yume Lagoon.

Avoid Room Position Above Garage

Have you ever thought about building a bedroom above the garage? Looks like you should consider it further. Apparently, building a bedroom above the garage is considered bad in terms of home feng shui, because it is believed to bring misfortune. Besides bringing bad energy, the position of the bedroom above the garage can trigger insomnia and long-term health problems. This is due to the potential for noise that occurs at night when the occupants are sleeping. Not only that, exhaust fumes and the smell of fuel can be inhaled. If inhaled continuously it will interfere with health.

Adjoining Bedrooms with Green Open Space

A good bedroom position is side by side with a green open space. A bedroom facing a green garden will certainly be healthier, because there is a change of fresh air all the time.

It's easier for you to relax because your bedroom is in contact with nature. The presence of natural vegetation also gives a fresh impression to the room. A bedroom facing a green open space can provide a cool view for its occupants.

Therefore, so that its beauty can be enjoyed to the fullest, make sure there is a large window or door that connects the bedroom to the garden. Housing that presents bedrooms facing an open area is Casa Valli in Tangerang.

Avoid Room Position Under the Stairs

If you have ever read a book or watched a Harry Potter movie, then you are familiar with the location of the bedroom under the staircase. Yes, the position of the bedroom like this is prone to noise from footsteps on the stairs.

Besides being noisy, a bedroom that is directly under the stairway is also considered not good in feng shui. Placing the bedroom under the stairs is also considered not ideal, because it limits the space for movement. A narrow area will certainly make room occupants feel stuffy and claustrophobic.

Air circulation under the stairs is also not as good as in the usual room, not only that, the bedroom is also darker and damper. Bedrooms that are under the stairs are also prone to dust and dirt. Apart from disturbing aesthetics, of course it will have a bad influence on health.

The bedroom is far from the kitchen

A good bedroom position is not side by side with the kitchen area. Apart from the noise caused by cooking activities, the bedroom that is right next to the kitchen is prone to hot weather. This is due to the stove attached to the wall. Hot air from the stove can spread to the bedroom. A hot bedroom is certainly not comfortable, apart from disturbing your sleep, you also won't feel comfortable in the room for long. Apart from the stove, you also have to consider the sink in the kitchen.

If the bedroom is adjacent to the kitchen, water will seep through the walls in case of damage to the sink. Wet walls due to pipe leaks will certainly make the bedroom damp. This makes you unable to rest comfortably. As much as possible, don't build a bedroom next to the kitchen.

Those are some good bedroom positions. Hopefully this article can help you in creating a dream bedroom.