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Contemporary & Most Popular Dream Home Designs-Part 1

 Home will always be a place to accommodate our deepest feelings of love. Home becomes a mini universe where we give birth to our ideals after being squeezed by busyness at work. We also miss home after enjoying a long holiday break. The importance of the house makes the owner desire to be able to realize the dream home design, in order to fulfill the desire for security, comfort and warmth.

In this increasingly diverse world, realizing a dream home design is becoming increasingly important. Because, the house becomes a meaningful bridge for a person and his idea of a sense of security. The design of a dream house usually never stops haunting someone as long as they can dream and imagine. The image of a dream house is indeed different. However, it seems that beauty is one thing that must be attached to it. Likewise simplicity, and spaciousness of space. Here are a number of alternatives to fulfill your projections regarding the dream home design.

Minimalist Dream House

Not everyone dreams of a luxurious and spacious house. There are people who want to realize a beautiful minimalist dream house. For this reason, the general public is still interested in a minimalist dream house, which usually doesn't use much ornamentation but still has a modern and artistic image.

This minimalist ideal home design impresses the owner as a person who likes beauty and firmness. With some exploration of the color, material and texture of the building, as well as the shape on the outside and inside, these two things can be achieved.

Currently, it is rare to have a one-story house, including a minimalist house. However, a one-story design for a minimalist dream house is easier to design because there are fewer design elements to focus on.

Meanwhile, there are many minimalist two-story dream houses in housing estates. Usually, a minimalist ideal home design like this makes use of concrete, box-shaped, without ornamentation, and a maximum of two material combinations.

Simple Dream House

If you live with your family, a simple dream house should answer functional and aesthetic problems. Residential comfort will certainly provide special value.

In the past, maybe a simple dream house was not a priority. However, in the midst of increasingly uncertain conditions, having a simple dream house actually has advantages. Because, you can save more, both time and money, in matters of management and maintenance.

A simple dream house is possible if you prepare a floor plan that takes into account the relationship between rooms. One thing that must be underlined is limiting the aisles. Because, this feature will disrupt the good relationship between rooms.

Dutch Style House

An old impression may be attached to a Dutch-style house. In fact, these colonial heritage houses apply a design that pays close attention to the local environmental context such as response to climate or air temperature.

Recently, many people have begun to incorporate elements of novelty into Dutch-style homes to make them more relevant to today's times.

One of the style adoptions for the Dutch dream house design is the addition of a portico at the main door as a substitute for a terrace and pillars. In addition, applying a precise color scheme can give your Dutch style home a special identity.