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Contemporary & Most Popular Dream Home Designs-Part 2


Scandinavian Style House

Many young people like the Scandinavian style as a dream home design. Widely introduced in the 1950s, Scandinavian style has been seen with its trademark emphasis on beauty, simplicity and cleanliness.

By design, this house emphasizes functionality, durability, and reasonableness at the price level. This is the principle of Scandinavian style where the priority is functionality plus elegance.

To apply it, make sure you place wood material as the main ingredient. Not only for building houses, but also for furniture.

Colonial Style House

The ideal colonial-style house design usually includes the use of a symmetrical facade with a door, which is in the center or right. In addition, this design exhibits high precision results in the play of sharp lines and complex details.

It is common for houses with this style to use wood elements, which further emphasizes the luxury of residential design. In order to increase the height of its artistic value, the selection of furniture should be prepared in detail.

Mediterranean Style House

Even though it is not suitable to be presented in a country with geographical and climatic conditions such as Indonesia, houses with this style are widely liked by the public because they are considered capable of displaying a sense of luxury and elegance.

Typically, homes with this style wear white, sky blue, sea green, reddish brown, and pale yellow. There are various influences on this Mediterranean style, such as Greek, Italian or Spanish styles. Each certainly represents its own idea.

There are several unique things about Mediterranean style homes. First, the portico at the main door. Then, to strengthen the impression of solidity, Mediterranean style houses generally install magnificent columns. In addition, there are ornaments and building elements in the form of an arch.

It is everyone's wish to have a dream home. You can start making it happen by using the various styles of houses above as a reference, who knows, maybe there is something that suits your taste. In addition, don't forget to access my other Prospect articles to get ideas about property.