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Best Home Insurance Recommendations

When buying a house, it's a good idea if you don't ignore home insurance. This is useful as protection, if the property is damaged due to things that are not desirable. Home insurance provides protection against the risk of loss due to fire, lightning strike, plane crash, and natural disasters. The protection provided is certainly based on an agreement. In addition to covering the cost of building damage, usually home insurance will replace the total assets in it.

Best Home Insurance Recommendations


Allianz is the best home insurance that you can choose next. One of the insurance policies presented by this company is RumahKu Plus, which provides compensation of up to IDR 20 billion.

The value offered is quite high, when compared to other company policies. Not only that, Allianz also provides temporary accommodation costs, personal legal responsibility and death benefits.

In the RumahKu Plus program, there are two types of protection, namely Home Owners and Home Owners.

The difference between the two, namely:

  • Homeowners: provide protection for buildings, including walls, roofs, floors, garages, and residential fences.
  • Homeowners: provide protection for the contents of residential buildings, including electronic equipment and furniture.

RumahKu Insurance also guarantees several risks, namely damage due to floods, hurricanes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.

  • While the risks that are not guaranteed by insurance, namely:
  • War damage
  • Rebellion Damage
  • melee damage
  • Power taking
  • Seizure and damages taking based on a lawful government order
  • Damage from nuclear weapons

For the time of the claim, you can report to Allianz in writing, then send the necessary claims supporting documents.

Pay attention to the claim deadline listed, make sure it is in accordance with the policy provisions.

Sinar Mas

Sinar Mas is one of the best home insurance companies in Indonesia which has been established since 1985. This company has a Simas Rumah Efficient insurance policy that can provide guarantees for homes and household furniture. 

Some of the risks covered by this insurance product, namely:

  • Fires, lightning strikes, explosions, and plane crashes
  • Riots, riots, terrorism and sabotage
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis
  • Floods, storms, hurricanes, smoke and water damage
  • Burglary and theft

In addition, Sinar Mas will also provide reimbursement for temporary housing costs if the house cannot be filled for 3×24 hours.

AXA Mandiri

PT Axa Mandiri Financial Services or AXA Mandiri is a form of cooperation between PT Bank Mandiri and National Mutual International. Having been present for more than 17 years in Indonesia, AXA Mandiri is one of the best home insurance options. AXA Mandiri provides protection against the risk of loss of property or assets, as well as loss of guaranteed company production.

There are several risks guaranteed by AXA Mandiri, including:

  • Damage from fire, lightning strike, explosion, falling aircraft and smoke
  • Damage from Natural Disasters
  • Losses due to theft and robbery

But before claiming the loss, make sure the minimum insurance coverage period has been running for 1 year. The form of change itself uses rupiah or USD currency, as well as distribution channels through banks and brokers.